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Mostly about my random thoughts and some writeup on Technology and Security.

2 comments on “About

  1. Abhishek Prasad says:

    Respected sir,

    I am Abhishek Prasad from Nepal Engineering College, 07 Elx and Comm.
    I am really thankfull to you because at the critical condition of begining of my career i found u and subject u taught the, best and effective for me,to grab the oppourtunites.
    Actually currently i am working in E-Zone Intl. Pvt as system Engineer/Network Administrator and also as a instructor of Diploma in Hardware and Networking.
    So i request u to provide me related stuffs. and also request you to guide me to successfully train my trainees.

    And in same contest i specially request u to provide me study materials and tutorial of window server 2008 R2 Edition, and guide me in exploring Window server 2008

    And also I am hopeful that u will guide me throughout my full career.


    yours Obedient

    Abhishek Prasad

  2. kailash Dev says:

    Great work…….i really liked today i came to know about this site as i googled today…..

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